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Could U.S. technology be a "Cartel Crusher" for OPEC?

Gas prices will dive soon as the political heat gets turned up.

By the time you read this, gas prices in San Diego will have already started to decline, and the more you delay, the less you'll pay at local pumps.

Gas prices headed for sky high territory

Could the "Great Gas Out" actually work? Maybe, but only in the short term.

Since about 1997,  a meme has been travelling through the Internet that by somehow not buying gas on a certain day, the oil companies will somehow lower the prices. Called the "Great Gas Out" the idea is a one day boycott of gasoline. Actually, it isn't even a boycott, because a boycott means you stop using the product. Unfortunately, most of us can't stop using gasoline.

Gas prices surge 12¢ over weekend ... still climbing

Gas prices in San Diego have surged upward, moving up 12.3¢ over the weekend at a rate of more than three cents a day.  This is a major move by anyone's standard, and to the best of our knowledge the fastest and most aggressive 4-day price hike in the 13-year history of the Gas Project.  The average prices below were recorded very early Monday morning. They have gone up since then.  Our analysis of wholesale prices strongly suggests that gas prices could easily climb another 7¢ by Thursday afternoon.

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Retail gas prices expected to surge starting January 7.

We've said it before and we'll say it again - California's energy markets are easily gamed because of a lack of competition at the wholesale refinery level. One way to prop up a sagging market for gasoline is to issue a flaring event notice with the AQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District). 

2011 will begin with record high gas prices.

Normally gas prices come into the New Year like a lamb and then roar like a lion in May. Not this year.   In 2011, they're roaring out of the gate with a two-year record high.

Gas prices surge 3.2 cents over weekend. Highest price for 2010

This morning gas prices reached a new record high for the year of 3.314 a gallon, up six and one half cents over the Christmas weekend. "This is the highest price of the year," said UCAN Gasoline Analyst Charles Langley "And that's troubling because often, the lowest price of the year aoccurs on January 1."

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