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4-day Gas Gougecast for San Diego County, 9-16-10


Prices will drop one to four cents for gasoline by Monday.

Prices for diesel will dip no more than a penny through Saturday, and will probably increase by 1/2 cent to two cents by Monday.


We said gas prices would drop no more than two cents and called for an increase in diesel prices.


Gas dropped 2 cents EXACTLY as predicted, while diesel increased by 1/3 penny.


Oil prices made a head fake up toward the $80 mark this week, but have settled below $75 today. Wholesale prices for unbranded indies are up three cents on average in the last week, but its not enough to stop them from cutting costs.  In San Diego, it is the independently owned and operated stations that cut costs the most.  Right now, the trend is down. Diesel on the other hand is climbing slightly at the wholesale level and we saw some two cent retail average price hikes in OC and SB, offset by a two cent decline in LA. We're betting on an upward trend - albeit a slight one -for retail diesel continuing through Monday.