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Gas prices should decline slightly over Thanks Giving weekend

California gas prices remain at the highest level for any November on record, but, gas prices should decline slightly over the Thanksgiving weekend.

The current average for San Diego is $3.74.9 a gallon, down a nickel in the last week, and down 51¢ from this year's high of $4.26 a gallon for regular unleaded on June 5 , 2011. 

What's so disturbing about the current high price of gasoline is that normally, prices decline by about 90¢ from the record high for the year.  

 Equally troubling is the fact that often, the lowest price of the year is on January 1st. What this means is that the current high prices do not bode well for 2012, which could be the year San Diego breaks the all-time record of $4.64 a gallon set in June of 2008.