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Gas prices surge 12¢ over weekend ... still climbing

Gas prices in San Diego have surged upward, moving up 12.3¢ over the weekend at a rate of more than three cents a day.  This is a major move by anyone's standard, and to the best of our knowledge the fastest and most aggressive 4-day price hike in the 13-year history of the Gas Project.  The average prices below were recorded very early Monday morning. They have gone up since then.  Our analysis of wholesale prices strongly suggests that gas prices could easily climb another 7¢ by Thursday afternoon.

San Diego CHANGE Monday  THURSDAY Monday 
    2/28/2011 2/24/2011 2/21/2011
SD RUL $0.123 3.741 3.618 3.555
SD DSL $0.137 4.099 3.962 3.929