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How much do you pay in taxes for a gallon of gasoline? Enter the retail price of gas and calculate your taxes per gallon.

Enter the retail price of gasoline and get an accurate estimate of what you are paying in gas taxes!

Californians pay the highest gas taxes in the nation, and the taxes are so complex that even the State Board of Equalization (the agency that collects the taxes), can't explain how gas taxes are calculated. To complicate matters further, retailers are  taxed on some of the taxes they pay (a tax on a tax), and in 2010, the State of California, implemented a slippery "swap tax"in 2010 in order to siphon funds dedicated to highway repair into the State General Fund.

So how much do you pay? Find out with our "Reverse Tax Calculator." To use it, download the attached Excel Spreadsheet and enter the price you are paying for a gallon of gas in the pink box. The bottom line shows within a penny how much you are paying in taxes per gallon. The calculator applies taxes for the City of San Diego. If you want an even more accurate estimate for your specific city or community, click here.  Then deduct 2.25% state tax from the tax shown to get the correct calculation.

Below is a screen capture showing taxes for a San Diego resident at the current average price of $4.36 a gallon. Please note that even if they were giving gasoline away for free, you would still pay 54¢ in excise (flat) taxes.  To download the Reverse Tax Calculator with links to taxes by city in Excel, Click here.



* The Federal Excise tax is a flat tax of 18¢ per gallon.
** The State imposes TWO excise taxes of roughly 18¢ each.
***  San Diego's sales tax is 7.75% less 2.25% State Tax
**** Most dealers are lucky to get 5¢ profit per gallon.
*****  Yup, they are taxed on top of the other taxes.



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