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Hurricane won't make gasoline price waves in San Diego

Why Hurricane Sandy will help lower our gas prices

We've said it before: "Driving rain drives down gas prices."

And when a hurricane is in play, you can expect gas prices
to drop in the short term.  In fact, we predict that in Southern
California, gas prices are likely to drop another 8¢ this weekend.

The primary reason is demand destruction: On the East
Coast, demand is down because so many roads are

Wholesale prices out West increased slightly last week and
through the first part of this week based on what may have
been a hurricane fear premium ... but those fears are 
ungrounded.  The reality is that there is no pipeline that can
ship gasoline from West-to-East.  About the only way to get
fuel to the East Coast from California is to either truck it, or
barge it through the Panama Canal. And by the time it arrived
any fuel crisis out East would be ancient history.