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Regulatory agencies no longer enforce the law, they are simply taxpayer funded classrooms for oil and energy lobbyists

The Washington Post is reporting an interesting factoid: Three out of four energy lobbyists have worked for the Federal Government. Apparently, government service is little more than a taxpayer funded prep school for oil lobbyists.  This explains the story below, which exposes how the employees responsible for regulating British Petroleum's offshore drilling at the Minerals Management Service actually had oil lobbyists fill out official forms on behalf of the MMS.

The Project on Government Oversight, a nonprofit group that tracks former Interior Departmentr Officials who now work for oil companies, said they were surprised at how many lobbyists used to work as government regulators. "With these numbers, you can see how the revolving door between the Hill and industry allowed problems in the agency to happen and not be addressed," said PGO investigator Mandy Smithberger.

In a related story, Oil Change International is now tracking oil industry donations to politicians, and according to Democracy Now, the U.S. Senate has given up on passing any type of meaningful energy reforms in 2010.

And why not? Energy reforms may be good for the voters, but they are bad for politicians. Voting against the oil industry is dangerous.  Besides, when the midterm elections are over  many ex-senators will be looking for a job with the oil industry.