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San Onofre Bailout Watch, Issue 1, May 14, 2014

Dedicated to exposing and stopping the $3.3 Billion bailout of the proposed Southern California Edison (SCE) ratepayer-funded San Onofre Nuclear Generating System "settlement" which was secretly negotiated on behalf of  SCE's unions and ersatz consumer groups posing as "ratepayer advocates." MORE.
San Onofre Bailout Watch, Volume 1, Issue 1 
Published by Charles Langley (858) 752-4600
San Onofre Bailout Hearings Today
Today, regulators from the California Public Utility Commission
are holding sham hearings in San Francisco to approve a secretly 
negotiated settlement that will force electricity ratepayers to pay 
horrific nuclear cost-overruns that occurred when executives at 
Southern California Edison knowingly installed defective nuclear 
generators at San Onofre. The generators, which were supposed to
to last for 30 to 40 years, failed in record time. What's more, they 
failed in precisely the manner predicted by Edison's engineers, 
risking the safety of millions of Southern Californians. The hearings, 
which should normally take weeks have been compressed into 
several hours by CPUC officials in order to maintain an atmosphere
of secrecy and to prevent the public exposure of wrongdoing by 
Southern California Edison officials.
What can you do? 

Call your state elected officials. Let them know that a utility 
bailout is not acceptable, demand a full investigation, and
sign the Citizen's Oversight Anti-Bailout Petition HERE
Background on the fraud: On March 27, 2014, Southern California 
Edison, employees of the California Public Utilities Commission 
(CPUC), and the alleged consumer group TURN, (The Utility Reform 
Network) announced that they had concluded secret negotiations 
for a settlement on the failed nuclear generators at San Onofre. The
settlement was falsely touted to the media as a $1.4 billion refund.
The $1.4 billion claim is fraudulent:  the truth is that the proposed  
secret settlement will cost roughly $500 per electric meter.  

Since then, former City City of San Diego Attorney, Mike Aguirre, and 
Ray Lutz of, have worked diligently to expose the 
fraudulent "refunds" and force CPUC to hold a legitimate investigation 
into what went wrong. If this settlement is approved, there will be no 
investigation into Southern California Edison's role in the failure, there 
will be no depositions of witnesses, and there will be no public review
of what went  wrong.  Below are a series of corrective news stories that 
explain, expose, and correct the fraudulent "refund" claims made by SCE, 
TURN, and CPUC officials. 
Recent News Coverage, Updated May 14
Investigative reporter Michael Turko exposes  how the phony settlement hearings
scheduled in San Francisco this afternoon are meant to thwart a legally-required 
investigation of Southern California Edison's decision 
to install nuclear equipment the
utility knew was a new and dangerous design. 
This story explains how billions of ratepayer dollars are at stake as opposed to the
phony claims of $1.4 Billion in refunds. 
energy and business reporter Dan McSwain estimates a total bill for the bailout at
more than  $13.6 billion (roughly $1,400 per electric meter on average), saying "It’s 
hard to argue that consumers should 
pay a nickel for it." 
Don Bauder exposes how TURN, the Utility Reform Network, teamed up 
with its friends at the California Public Utility Commission to sell a massive
utility bailout program as a "refund." 
This story corrects an erroneous LA Times story promoted heavily  by TURN 
which states 
fraudulently that the proposed settlement delivers $1.4 billion in
"refunds." It 
explains that if the proposed secret settlement is approved, at least 
$3.3 billion of the costs of San onofre will be paid by you, the ratepayer.  
CBS News 8 San DiegoMay 6, 2014: San Onofre Settlement will end 
up costing the public
. Reporter Richard Allyn covers an event where prominent 
consumer advocates are calling TURN, The Utility Reform Network a "Judas" that 
 "Stabbed ratepayers 
in the back" for making false public claims that consumers 
are getting "$1.4 million in refunds."  The true story is that the secretly negotiated 
settlement will actually cost an estimated 
$200 for every man woman and child in 
the SCE / SDG&E service area (roughly $500 per meter).
Thomas Elias compares the monstrous natural gas disaster at San Bruno, which was
cause by lax regulation, to San Onofre, comparing it to kabuki, where the results of 
investigations and hearings are scripted in favor of the big utilities who profit from
the largesse of do-nothing regulators at the Public Utility Commission. 
Scott Bridges explains in an interview with Mike Aguirre how this deal doesn't
refund $1.4 billion, rather it will cost $3.3 billion. 
Orange County Register, April 21, 2014: Closing San Onofre to cost $3.3 billion
Reporter Tom Berg interviews Mike Aguirre to illustrate how a $4.7 billion debt has
been fraudulently portrayed as a $1.4 billion refund by utilities, the CPUC, and the 
alleged advocates at TURN, The Utility Reform Network.
Investigative reporter Michael Turko exposes the sham settlement which is designed 
to prevent an investigation into wrongdoing by Southern California Edison.
This story by Morgan Lee corrects a previous UT story touting $1.4 billion in refunds
and clarifies that not only will there be no "refunds" but that if the proposed settlement
is approved it will cost consumers $3.3 Billion.  
KUSI News, April 14, 2014: Refund sparks uncertainty Reporter Kristen Cusato 
interviews Mike Aguirre, who explains that the utilities are playing a shell game with 
the consumers' money and why reports of a $1.4 billion refund are fraudulent.

Public Television Evening Edition, April 14, 2014: (scroll to minute 3:55 of video)
Exposes the fraudulent scheme to portray a $3.3 billion bill as a $1.4 billion "refund." 
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