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Solar powered bus and train hybrid uses a freeway instead of tracks

Twin-Track Bus-O-Motive glides over traffic jams with ease
Imagine being gridlocked in freeway traffic and feeling the cool shadow of a bus with a thousands of passenger glide silently over the roof of your car. Unlike old-fashioned buses, locomotives, or costly monorails, the Busomotive lets multiple vehicles occupy the same freeway space at the same time. The arched twin-track design lets traffic to pass through the vehicle without stopping, even when it is loading and unloading passengers.

Scroll down for images and video.

If it catches on, Busomotives will reduce traffic jams, save energy, and make public transport easy, cheap, and affordable.

Proposed by Song Youzhou, chairman of China's Shenzhen Hashi company, the Busomotive,or "3D Express Coach," as Youzhou calls it, has an arched wheelbase that travels on two parallel railroad tracks. The rolling fifteen foot high arch lets traffic to pass below it while the bus is moving or unloading passengers. Best of all, the tracks are be built into existing roadways, keeping development costs low.

There are some obvious advantages:

ADVANTAGE #1:  It uses existing roadways and does not require new land purchases or claims of eminent domain. 

ADVANTAGE #2:  It reduces road congestion by using space more efficiently. In some cases it has the potential of doubling freeway capacity without doubling the number of lanes.

ADVANTAGE #3: Convenience.  Most Californians drive a personal vehicle to work because mass transit is inconvenient and slow. Modern centers of commerce are no longer situated exclusivly at the confluence of major rivers or seaports as they were during the last two centuries. In Southern California, office buildings, malls, and business parks are located at the convergence of two or more freeways, making traditional mass transit solutions difficult.  The Busomotive is freeway friendly, so it can compete effectively with personal vehicles.

ADVANTAGE 4: SPEED.  Top speed is 37 miles an hour - Not exactly blinding, but way faster than most rush hour commutes in Southern California, which average five to fifteen miles an hour.

ADVANTAGE 5:  Cheap compared to monorail or railroad. Sure, laying down rails into an existing freeway is expensive, but not nearly as expensive as California's High Speed Rail, which is tagged at $10 billion dollars (source) and will likely cost more than $250.00 for every man, woman, and child in California (source).

ADVANTAGE 6: It's green. The prototype, which will be unveiled in Beijing’s Mentougou District before the end of 2010 will be solar powered. 

Below are renderings of the 3D Express Coach Busomotive. They are captured from an online video of Song Youzhou's presentation aired in the original chinese at For those of you who speak Chinese, (and who doesn't?) see 首页> 创新> 宋有洲:立体快巴—未来城市交通的解决之道, or learn more in English at the U.K. Daily Mail.

A bus passing over an SUV
Imagine gliding beneath the Busomotive's 15 foot
high "moving tunnel" in your Jeep Cherokee.  
Swallowed by the Leviathon
Note the train-style wheels at the front of the Bus,
which run on two narrow tracks laid into existing
freeways and roads.

Entering the Belly of the beast
You don't pass a Busomotive, you drive through it.

So wide, it spans two full-size highway lanes

The Busomotive is wide enough to accomodate
two lanes. In this view, both the vehicles and the
Busomotive are all moving at the same time.

Two monster Bus-O-Motives passing each other on a busy commute 
A Busomotive can move 1400 people at once.*
triple the capacity of a 747 Jumbo Jet. Note the
18-wheel freight
truck passing below.

Imagine havinga 23 foot dashboard

Nothing unusual here, except for the seventeen
foot dashboard.

A view from the inside

Spacious interior lets passengers move easily.

Uses existing roads, so infrastructure costs are low

Designed to be used on existing freeways. Keeps
costs low.  
The kicker: Solar powered and  silent because it is all-electric. Click here to watch the video.

*Note that's probably 1400 Chinese people, but hey, it should still carry 1,000 chunky suburbanites with relative ease.