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Thanksgiving brings some of the year's highest gas prices.

Usually, Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude - and lower gas prices - because lower demand at this time of year tends to result in price cuts at the pump. But not this year. Nationally, gas is near an all-time record high for the year, and so are local prices - about two cents away from this year's high of $3.165 a gallon set on October 21, 2010.  

In the next few days we expect to see gas prices drop slightly, but only by a penny or two, with a slight bump on Thanksgiving Day when a few retailers at freeway locations are likely to raise the price of their fuel a penny or two to take advantage of holiday traffic.  In the meantime, if prices remain this high, motorists with vehicles that gobble up gasoline could have little to be thankful for.

Charles Langley is the Manager of UCAN's not-for-profit Gas Project at