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UCAN calls for Attorney General investigation of wholesale gasoline market failure

Late yesterday, UCAN, the Utility Consumers' Action Network, called on
California Attorney General Kamala Harris to investigate  the California
refineries that are responsible for the fuel shortages that have pushed
California's gasoline prices  to the highest level ever seen in U.S. history

The letter pinpoints eight areas that merit scrutiny by the Attorney General,
lawmakers, and regulators:

1)  Intentional under-production of fuel to restrict supply

2)  Overseas exports of gasoline - dumping fuel to restrict supply

3)  Lax regulation of refinery safety and operations 

4)  An investigation of perverse incentives to restrict supply 

5) Questionable “flaring events” at Exxon / Mobil

6) Tesoro’s horrifyingly anticompetitive purchase of BP’s Carson refinery

7) Supply trading agreements between competitors who should be competing

8) Shut down of Chevron’s Kettleman-Los Medanos pipeline.

READ THE LETTER HERE, or click on attachment below (pdf format)



AGlet10-10-12.pdf55.34 KB