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Charles Langley's blog

UCAN's Four-Day Gasoline Gougecast

Every Monday and Thursday evening, UCAN looks at the local gasoline market and predicts whether or not gas prices will go up or go down. We give the forecast to Consumer Bob at NBC 7/39, but you can also get it here and comment on our forecasts.

Increase in California sales tax revenue may not be a sign of a "economic recovery."

The California Board of Equalization  is showing that its revenues from sales taxes have increased by an estimated 8.5% in the first quarter of 2011. But don't be fooled into thinking that this is good economic news, and that the economy is booming at a level that's 8% higher than last year simply because people are spending more -- much of the new revenue is from gasoline taxes.

Gas prices will dive soon as the political heat gets turned up.

By the time you read this, gas prices in San Diego will have already started to decline, and the more you delay, the less you'll pay at local pumps.

Gas prices headed for sky high territory

Could the "Great Gas Out" actually work? Maybe, but only in the short term.

Since about 1997,  a meme has been travelling through the Internet that by somehow not buying gas on a certain day, the oil companies will somehow lower the prices. Called the "Great Gas Out" the idea is a one day boycott of gasoline. Actually, it isn't even a boycott, because a boycott means you stop using the product. Unfortunately, most of us can't stop using gasoline.

Retail gas prices expected to surge starting January 7.

We've said it before and we'll say it again - California's energy markets are easily gamed because of a lack of competition at the wholesale refinery level. One way to prop up a sagging market for gasoline is to issue a flaring event notice with the AQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District). 

Gas prices surge 3.2 cents over weekend. Highest price for 2010

This morning gas prices reached a new record high for the year of 3.314 a gallon, up six and one half cents over the Christmas weekend. "This is the highest price of the year," said UCAN Gasoline Analyst Charles Langley "And that's troubling because often, the lowest price of the year aoccurs on January 1."

At $3.25 a gallon, gas prices are at a new record high for 2010.

This morning San Diego gas and diesel prices broke another record for the year 2010, and there is a good chance prices could rise as much as a seven cents a gallon over the holiday weekend. Not since October of 2008 have prices been this high. 

Right now we are seeing a rack inversion of at least 7¢ on average.

Gas prices break another record high for 2010

Gas prices jumped another 4.5 cents this morning to a new San Diego average of $3.25 a gallon, the highest price of the year for 2010. Gas prices have risen by ten cents in the last week, the fastest 7-day price hike in more than two years.

For more information, contact Charles Langley, manager, UCAN's Gas Project.

Thanksgiving brings some of the year's highest gas prices.

Usually, Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude - and lower gas prices - because lower demand at this time of year tends to result in price cuts at the pump. But not this year. Nationally, gas is near an all-time record high for the year, and so are local prices - about two cents away from this year's high of $3.165 a gallon set on October 21, 2010.  

Gas prices break record high for 2010

This morning, San Diego County gas prices reached a record all-time high for the year in San Diego with an average price of $3.165 a gallon, but we expect prices to fall this weekend from 2.5¢ to 7¢ by Monday morning.

Our four-day gougecast predicts some relief this weekend with fair-to-partly gougy conditions and with scattered price-cutting through the weekend.

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