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UCAN's Four-Day Gasoline Gougecast

Every Monday and Thursday evening, UCAN looks at the local gasoline market and predicts whether or not gas prices will go up or go down. We give the forecast to Consumer Bob at NBC 7/39, but you can also get it here and comment on our forecasts.

Vote No on prop 23

Generally speaking, we dislike ballot initiatives as a way of legislating. But we especially dislike Proposition 23. For the full position and the 38 Million reasons we dislike it, click here.

Four Day gasoline Gougecast for 10-11-10

                                   Hyper-Surge continues

We said gas prices would climb two to six cents for diesel and RUL.

Gas Gougecast for 10-07-10

BEGIN San Diego  12:43 PM October 7, 2010 ~~x~~~

"CAR"diac arrest - expect sticker shock

GAS   - Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy
DIESEL  - Buy, buy, buy, buy

4-Day Gougecast, 10-04-10

x~~~~x~~~~x~~-~ BEGIN San Diego  12:08 PM October 4, 2010

             Inversion Perversion - back above $3 by Thursday?

GAS        - Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy
DIESEL  - Buy, buy, buy, buy

4-Day Gasoline Gougecast for 9-23-10

                  Gas prices will drop. Diesel will stay flat or climb 9-23-10

Four-Day Gas Gougecast for San Diego, 9-20-10 - Gas prices poised to climb for the short term

x~~~~x~~~~x~~-~  September 20, 2010 ~~x~~~~x~~~


GAS      - Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy


4-day Gas Gougecast for San Diego County, 9-16-10


UCAN's Official 4-Day Gougecast


OUR PREVIOUS PREDICTION:   On Thursday, we said gas prices would slide below $3 within 36 hours with a chance of a slight rebound by yesterday (Monday). This prediction proved to be correct. Most stations cut prices, but a few independently owned gas stations had to beef up their razor thin margins by raising prices.

Gulf oil fire shouldn't burn consumers at the pump

San Diego gas prices fell again this week, down almost a nickel since last Friday at a current average of $3.03 a gallon. We expect this trend to continue through the holiday weekend, although the fire in the Gulf panicked the oil markets yesterday and sent some local gasoline wholesalers into a spree of irrational price hikes.

Joe Barton sticks other foot in mouth

Joe Barton says he is ashamed of the American GovernmentUpdate, September 2, 9:40 AM:  It should be noted that the drilling moratorium discussed in this article - the moratorium that Joe Barton thinks is "stupid," is temporary.

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