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Charles Langley's blog

UCAN's Four-Day Gasoline Gougecast

Every Monday and Thursday evening, UCAN looks at the local gasoline market and predicts whether or not gas prices will go up or go down. We give the forecast to Consumer Bob at NBC 7/39, but you can also get it here and comment on our forecasts.

Crash or Burn ... Gas prices are dropping slightly prior to Labor Day, but will it continue?

By Charles Langley - With Labor Day just around the corner, gas prices have actually declined significantly at the wholesale level. Since August 5, the average wholesale price for gas in Southern California has  dropped by 19¢ a gallon, yet retail prices have only fallen 5¢ a gallon on average.

What this means is that the discounts being passed on to retailers are not being passed through to consumers. In addition, the U.S. Department of Energy is reporting that nationally, the stores of refined gasoline in inventory are the highest since 1983.

From Oil Boom to Algae Bloom: Could algae-to-oil technology make San Diego a major oil exporter?

"Too cold to start a fire. I'm burning diesel. I'm burning Dinosaur Bones" - Johnny Cash, Rusty Cage by Soundgarden - There is misconception that oil comes from dinosaur bones. It doesn't.

Solar powered bus and train hybrid uses a freeway instead of tracks

Twin-Track Bus-O-Motive glides over traffic jams with ease

Regulatory agencies no longer enforce the law, they are simply taxpayer funded classrooms for oil and energy lobbyists

The Washington Post is reporting an interesting factoid: Three out of four energy lobbyists have worked for the Federal Government.

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