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Regulatory agencies no longer enforce the law, they are simply taxpayer funded classrooms for oil and energy lobbyists

The Washington Post is reporting an interesting factoid: Three out of four energy lobbyists have worked for the Federal Government.

Judge stops drilling in Alaska. Cites violations in environmental law by the Federal Minerals Management Service

Its an open secret that the United States Government Minerals Management Service is utterly corrupt. It's one case where the tools who operate the machinery of government are greased by a well-oiled energy lobby that's always eager to supply drugs, money, and sex to the government employees who regulate them.

Gas prices climb, then drop slightly this morning.

UCAN's survey of local gas prices shows that prices for gas peaked on Friday at $3.14 a gallon and then dropped by 1.6¢ early this morning. Right now wholesale prices for gasoline are softening. In addition, the new "Swap Tax" on gasoline has now been imposed and incentives for dealers to draw down their supply of fuel to avoid an extra state mandated storage fee of 17.3¢ a gallon for any fuel in inventory at 12:01 AM on July 1, has passed ... kind of like a kidney stone.  More later.

Gas prices climb going into 4th of July weekend

Gas prices climb
a penny overnight
to $3.143 a gallon,
the highest price in
seven weeks.
Gas prices are going up

Why Congressman Joe Barton, Chair of the House Energy Committee, must resign

By Charles Langley -  I rarely call politicians and ask them to resign, but I did so this morning after learning that the top Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Joe Barton of Texas "apologized" to British Petroleum's CEO Tony Hayward for the way his company has been treated by the Obama Administration.

(Editor's Note: We posted an update on Joe Barton's pandering to Big Energy on August 24, 2010)

Capital Punishment: Every Arco station in California is supplied by British Petroleum

Charles Langley: The situation in the Gulf has become so deeply disturbing, so utterly wrong,  that we want you to know that British Petroleum is the parent company of Arco.

Gas prices approaching $2.99 benchmark in San Diego - lowest level since March 1.

Posted by Charles Langley, Manager, UCAN Gas Project - At an average of $3.01 a gallon for regular in San Diego County, gas prices are now at a 13-week low as we head into Memorial Day weekend. Gas prices have dropped 15 cents from their 2010 high of $3.16 on May 6. The biggest decreases have been in the last week, with prices dropping at a rate of a penny a day.

Spill Baby Spill! Oil, Greece, and Gas.

By Charles Langley, Manager, UCAN Gas Project -- Phew! What a week for oil and gasoline prices!  Yesterday we predicted that local gas prices would likely drop over the weekend - and they have - during a time of the year when prices are usually marching toward their highest level.  

Chevron refinery fire could force local gas prices higher

Earth Day hopes sink along with oil tanker

A oil tanker that has been burning in the Gulf of Mexico for nearly three days now has finally sunk, while at the same time spewing oil ffrom the experimental drilling rig operated by British Petroleum (BP).  BP is the  parent company of Arco AM/PM.  The Coast guard has managed to contain much of the spill, but it is going to be a very ugly mess.  Even uglier is that fact that eleven people of the 135+ member crew are still lost or missing.

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