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It's Smurfy! Volkswagon concept car gets 200+ Miles Per Gallon.

Cute Volswagon gets 200+ miles peer hour






No brakes on bad publicity: Toyota investigates itself and says it isn't guilty.

By Charles Langley, Manager, UCAN Gas project -- In a public relations campaign so cynical that it would make Machiavelli blush,  Toyota is sending its customers a scary message: Criticize us and we will investigate you and use what we find to assassinate your reputation.  

So let me state something that is generally considered self-evident: Toyota's customers are dying because some of their vehicles are defective and unsafe.  

Blood from stone: Mexico has plenty of oil, but it lacks the technology to get it.

By Charles Langley, Manager, UCAN Gas Project - Mexico, which currently exports oil, is expected to be importing oil by 2012.  Oil is the lifeblood of Mexico's economy, representing 30 to 40% of the Mexican government's income.  On Monday, March 8, the Los Angeles Times published an excellent article covering the imminent demise of Mexico's socialized oil industry. It is also a good example of the fate that awaits nations that refuse to deal with the American oil industry which has the technology to literally extract oil from stones.

John Mattis exposes Mossy Used Car Pre-Owned Super Center.

WATCH THE VIDEO Mossy used car San Diego, flooded vehicle, shaking defective auto motor, defective enginee

Another price spike is in the pipeline ...

By Charles Langley, Manager, UCAN Gas Project - Locally, wholesale gas prices in Southern California have spiked another nickel on average, since Monday.  The retail price of gasoline is up by 9 cents from a week ago.  Locally, our prices may be going up because of expected demand from Chile, but nationally, demand for oil and gasoline are at historically low levels.

The Second Law of Gougeonomics: Why gas prices are about to surge

By Charles Langley - Manager, UCAN Gas Project - Prominent analysts are saying that gas prices will likely spike even higher in the coming weeks because of the earthquake in Santiago Chile, which has destroyed three major refineries.  Our very own Crude Reality blogger, and oil industry analyst, Bob van der Valk, has been quoted in today's Union Tribune, the »

February 2: Oil Hog sees shadow!



Forget about “Groundhog Day,” in San Diego, Feb 2 is “Oil Hog Day”

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"Lies, damned lies, and statistics!" ... Why statistics suggest a high price in 2010 of $4.32 a gallon for regular gasoline.

 This UCAN analysis shows why the law of averages suggests a high gas price for the year 2010 of $4.32 a gallon, PLUS, an outline of four techniques the oil industry is using to keep gas prices at artificially high levels.

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