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Gas prices surge past $3 mark, second highest price on record.

By Charles Langley, Manager, UCAN Gas Project.  Early this morning gas prices edged above $3 in San Diego, passing an important psychological and economic benchmark. 

Typically, the price of gasoline in the first week of January is the lowest price of the of the year for at least the following nine months.

"This is definitely starting the year out on the wrong foot," says Charles Langley, UCAN Gasoline project Manager "and it appears that it is a lead foot pushing for higher gas prices."


2010 Gas Prediction: $3 a gallon may be the cheapest we see for a very long time

By Charles Langley, Manager, UCAN Gas Project - "Supply and Demand" the two factors that are supposed to set prices in a market economy will have very little to do with the price of gasoline or oil in 2010. In fact, what we expect to see isn't "economics," it is something we call  "gougeonomics." 

An abundance of gasoline - A Thanksgiving Day tradition

   Why the big oil companies are
   literally drowning in crude, and
   why a price collapse is almost

World Series of crude oil to decide winner for winter gasoline prices


It's the Wall Street Titans up against the Texas Oil Barons and it looks like Wall Street's pitch to big investors could win the day ...

Will Goldman Sachs be “Trading Places” with the Hunt Brothers?

The “Eddie Murphy” rule applied to crude oil: Goldman Sachs' attempt to corner the crude oil market

Gas prices edge below $3 a gallon

Charles Langley - Today UCAN's index of San Diego gas prices showed that regular unleaded had edged below $3 a gallon to a new average of $2.999, an incredibly slow decline for this time of year.

Under normal market conditions gas prices drop very quickly between October and mid-December, but this year, a highly questionable rash of refinery fires has limited the supply of gasoline in Southern California, keeping prices at artificially high levels.

Gas prices ready to drop like a thick brick

In the last month there has been a stunning rash of refinery closures and fires - any one of which should have sent gas prices upward - but with a flagging economy, a grim demand picture, and a glut of surplus, gas prices are destined to decline.

Crude Oil and Gasoline Prices: Like Déjà Vu All Over Again

Crude and gasoline prices are going to drop, and drop hard.

Dateline:  Terry, Montana

Local gas prices plunge despite massive refinery fires.

By Charles Langley - On Friday we reported that as much as 17% of the fuel manufactured in the State of California was threatened by two separate refinery fires.  Normally a disaster like this would result in near-instant price hikes, yet prices dropped over the weekend.

Prepare for a drop in diesel and gasoline prices

The Crude Reality, September 20, 2009 5:30 PM MDT -- You will soon be paying less than $2 per gallon again for gasoline and diesel fuel and crude oil will go back down into the 40's.

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