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Gas prices expected to surge

Charles Langley - Today we are predicting that gas prices will increase another two to six cents by Thursday. We just confirmed that Tesoro's refinery (supplies Shell) in Wilmington is having problems.

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Tecnorati blog ID ca8nge4bzj

Labor Day gas prices set new record

By Charles Langley, Manager, UCAN gas project.  Note: since 9AM this morning gas prices in San Diego have increased to $3.114 a gallon, up 6/10 of a cent since this morning.

UPDATED 9:00 AM LABOR DAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2009 - Gas prices have climbed almost three cents over the weekend reaching a record high for the year 2009 of $3.108.  (Scroll down for statistics).

Lull before the storm for gasoline prices

The van der Valk Gas Price Advisory for August 31, 2009 - High gas prices cloud the horizon

Beware the Free Market Zombies

Free Market Zombies: Get the full story

Why have crude oil and gasoline doubled in price this year?

Dateline:  Terry, Montana

August 10, 2009 12.30 PM MDT

By:  Bob van der Valk


When Goldman Sachs wins – You lose!

Dateline:  Terry, Montana, July 19, 2009, By:  Bob van der Valk

Chevron's annual refinery fire stops price declines.

By Charles Langley, UCAN Gas Project,  As of this writing the average price of gasoline is about $2.92 a gallon in San Diego. And prior to this morning, we had predicted some steep declines in the price of fuel over the weekend of six to twelve cents a gallon on average.

Then it happened: Chevron had its annual refinery fire.

Did we say annual refinery fire?

Yes, as a matter of fact we did.

The backwards Robin Hood effect in trading of crude oil

Dateline:  Terry, Montana By:  Bob van der Valk,

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