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Flu Bug Bites Oil Market

By: Bob van der Valk

Petroleum traders have been keeping a weary eye on the news about the swine flu spreading to other parts of the world.

But by now they are used to having the least amount of bad news effect crude oil and in turn fuel prices. However, the current scare may be short lived as the real story behind the headlines is just beginning to develop.

Regular Gas Price Changes

Over time I've noticed there's major changes in gas prices in groups and I surmise this to be a regular price change in a regular cycle of changes. But I've never really tracked it to pin down the actual day of the week (or the time of day) that this behavior can be counted on to occur. Of course not everyone is going make changes every time and it won't be the only time changes occur, but it is the time most frequently one can count on changes to occur. I feel it's about twice a week, on Thursday afternoons and again on Monday. Early in the day.

How to publish your music, a video, or documentary with no money, expertise, or equipment

UCAN is making it easier for local writers, community groups, artists, musicians and concerned citizens to create and publish high-quality videos on the Internet.

The project is called and it is dedicated to helping you express yourself or deliver your message to the world using new media.

Have you ever wondered what you can and can't say in a blog, a tweet, or on your facebook or myspace page?  Has this stopped you from publishing your work on U-Tube, Myspace, facebook, or Twitter?

Businessweek: Ford admits to ignoring fuel-saving technologies.

For years, conspiracy buffs have claimed that the major auto-makers, working closely with the oil industry,  have intentionally suppressed the development of fuel efficient vehicles.

Paving a road to hell

In today's Crude Reality Bob van der Valk writes that while everybody wants clean air, California's  callow enforcement of CARB's EVR mandate for "dripless" gas nozzles during an economic downturn is driving small gas stations into serious financial trouble. Read all about it.

Open Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger to Cut the Gordian Knot on EVR

Bob van der Valk to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger – Capitol Building – Sacramento, CA

April 1, 2009

Today anywhere from 1000 to 4500 gas station owners will have to make a decision to close down or pay hefty fines to their local air quality management districts. They did not meet the deadline imposed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) mandate, which requires all service station owners in California to install new enhanced vapor recovery (EVR) nozzles and scrubbers to capture 98% instead of the current 95% gasoline vapor emissions.

April Fuel's Day: For thousands of gas stations April 1, 2009 is a joke that isn't funny


Gas prices have surged 10¢ a gallon in the last 4 days. Now, an enforcement action by appointed bureaucrats at an obscure government agency could eliminate California's toughest gasoline retailers overnight and force prices higher


Gas prices expected to reverse course starting now.

Oil prices have jumped by $14 a barrel in the last 30 days while gas prices have declined by a dime.

Today, UCAN's Gas Project at reported a slight rise in the price of gasoline this morning of one-tenth of a penny to an average of $2.168 a penny.

"It isn't much," says Charles Langley, Manager of UCAN's Gas Project, "but it is statistically significant and represents the reversal of a steady price decline that started on February 19, 2009." At that time, says Langley, gasoline in San Diego averaged $2.285 a gallon.

Heartbreak on the way?

When Hoyt Axton's mother wrote the lyrics to Heartbreak Hotel, she was inspired by a real-life suicide note that began "I walk a lonely street." In the last 34 days, oil prices have increased by 50%. Meanwhile gas prices have actually dropped. This deflation can't last long. In Today's CRUDE REALITY, Bob van der Valk says its "Heartbreak Hotel Time" for gasoline ... meaning, we suppose, that with demand down lower than ever, WE could be walking (not driving) lonely streets with very high gas prices. Get the Crude Reality at

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