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4-Day Gasoline Gougecast for 9-23-10

                  Gas prices will drop. Diesel will stay flat or climb 9-23-10

Four-Day Gas Gougecast for San Diego, 9-20-10 - Gas prices poised to climb for the short term

x~~~~x~~~~x~~-~  September 20, 2010 ~~x~~~~x~~~


GAS      - Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy


4-day Gas Gougecast for San Diego County, 9-16-10


UCAN's Official 4-Day Gougecast


OUR PREVIOUS PREDICTION:   On Thursday, we said gas prices would slide below $3 within 36 hours with a chance of a slight rebound by yesterday (Monday). This prediction proved to be correct. Most stations cut prices, but a few independently owned gas stations had to beef up their razor thin margins by raising prices.

Gulf oil fire shouldn't burn consumers at the pump

San Diego gas prices fell again this week, down almost a nickel since last Friday at a current average of $3.03 a gallon. We expect this trend to continue through the holiday weekend, although the fire in the Gulf panicked the oil markets yesterday and sent some local gasoline wholesalers into a spree of irrational price hikes.

Joe Barton sticks other foot in mouth

Joe Barton says he is ashamed of the American GovernmentUpdate, September 2, 9:40 AM:  It should be noted that the drilling moratorium discussed in this article - the moratorium that Joe Barton thinks is "stupid," is temporary.

Crash or Burn ... Gas prices are dropping slightly prior to Labor Day, but will it continue?

By Charles Langley - With Labor Day just around the corner, gas prices have actually declined significantly at the wholesale level. Since August 5, the average wholesale price for gas in Southern California has  dropped by 19¢ a gallon, yet retail prices have only fallen 5¢ a gallon on average.

What this means is that the discounts being passed on to retailers are not being passed through to consumers. In addition, the U.S. Department of Energy is reporting that nationally, the stores of refined gasoline in inventory are the highest since 1983.

From Oil Boom to Algae Bloom: Could algae-to-oil technology make San Diego a major oil exporter?

"Too cold to start a fire. I'm burning diesel. I'm burning Dinosaur Bones" - Johnny Cash, Rusty Cage by Soundgarden - There is misconception that oil comes from dinosaur bones. It doesn't.

British Petroleum SNAFU could halt flow of 25% of all gasoline sold in Southern California, 40% of all diesel

Southern California gas and diesel prices will likely surge another two to six cents over the weekend thanks to panic buying at the wholesale level in response to a flaring event at British Petroleum's Carson California.

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